Hosea Feed The Hungry Food Drive [EVENT]

11/16/12 10:00am to 7:00pm

Venue: Kroger
Address: 3425 Cascade Road, Atlanta, GA 30311

On Monday, November 19, Radio One Atlanta will broadcast live from Kroger on Cascade Road for a donation drive to benefit Hosea Feed the Hungry.

About Hosea Feed The Hungry

Is open all year long providing quality human services every week. All of our services are provided completely free of charge to over 50,000 families and individuals a year. We provide free services to over 40 non-profit and faith based organizations quarterly throughout the year. These organizations range from local food pantries to transitional housing facilities, from churches to assistance programs for widows and orphans, from human services organizations that cater to specific neighborhoods to job readiness programs, and so much more. We provide these organizations with the food and supplies that they need help the communities that they serve. Organizations can come to us for food to feed hundreds of people, cutlery, carry-out trays, cups, bed sheets, clothing, cleaning supplies, school supplies, toys, cooking ware, beverages, boxes, tape and so much more. At Hosea Feed The Hungry we do direct services, but we also take pride in assisting other organizations that provide direct services.

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