Veda Howard

Veda Howard was born with humor flowing through her veins. Initially clueless of this gift, she would often wonder why people were laughing at her when she was merely trying to communicate basic information. When a coworker approached her revealing she dreamed that Veda was on stage at a comedy club and the entire audience was laughing, she realized it was over her head. The coworker was unaware but, a few months prior, Veda was actually on stage for the first time at the exact comedy club mentioned in the dream. She embraced the inevitable, it was time to grab the mic and spread some joy. Since stepping to the microphone, she has been seen on Comcast Local Comedy On Demand and on "L.O.L.", the online video comedy feature of Atlanta's premier newspaper, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She has performed on stage at comedy clubs, festivals, the One Love Gospel Cruise, the national Family Comedy Tour and various other events. Veda can currently be heard on Praise 102.5/102.9 on Saturdays from 3pm-7pm. She can also be seen on HAHAlujah!, an online comedy video feature for Atlanta's Inspiration Station, Praise 102.5/102.9. In addition to her love of laughter, Veda is also a gifted vocalist and voice over talent. "Never lose your laughter!" - Veda Howard
On Air Schedule
Veda Howard Sa 3:00pm - Sa 7:00pm